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Exquisite Business loan just for you to become a Boss.

Award winning car loans with low fixed rates and no ongoing fees.

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We will match you with a loan program that meet your financial need. In short term liquidity, by striving to make funds available to them within 24 hours of application.


Rate of interest:

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Rate of interest:

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Features & Benefits of LMFoundation Education Loans

Here is an exhaustive list of all the fees and charges to be paid for the education loan.

High valueable loans

Max loan up to ₦1,000,000 for studies in any university

Easy Loan Repayment

Maximum tenure up to years after school for loans up to ₦500,000

100% Transparency

We offer a loan without byepassing charges or with dubious intentions

Quick and Easy Disbursals

If necessary loan requirements have been received and accepted for the purpose of the loan being applied for disbursal is within Mins

Secure your loan

Wetin you still dey wait for? Grab a cup of tea and put a call through to +23408143066352

Attractive Rates of Interest

Our loan rates are charged at 1.75% just for you

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LMF package aims at meeting urgent needs of cash by salary earner before pay day. processing time is within 5hours on completion of necessary documentation.

LMF offers two Exclusive schemes, Education Solutions Assistance and Business Solution Assistance.

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Education Interest Rates & Charges

Here is an exhaustive list of all the fees and charges to be paid for the education loan.


Min int


Max int


avg int
  • Description of Charges
    Education Loan
  • Loan Processing Charges*
    Maximum up to ₦1500
  • Pre-payment charges*
  • No Due Certificate
  • Solvency Certificate
  • Penalty Interest on delayed / overdue EMI
    1.75% per day

Some of our Awesome Testimonials

Words of people who have benefitted from our awesome service to them.

“I had a good experience with Insight Loan Services. I am thankful to insight for the help you guys gave me. My loan was easy and fast. thank you Insigtht”

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“I loved the customer service you guys provided me. That was very nice and patient with questions I had. I would really like definitely come back here”

Borrow - Loan Company Website Template



“We came out of their offices very happy with their service. They treated us very kind. Definite will come back. The waiting time was very appropriate”

Borrow - Loan Company Website Template



Frequently Asked Questions

Our mission is to deliver reliable, and guaranteed services to you.

LMFoundation is ready to empower and activate your entrepreneurial spirits. We offer: No or flexible collateral support. No savings before accessing loan Quick processing time Affordable interest rate Opportunity to enjoy hybrid term loan SMEs capacity support and training Free business plan Advisory services
LMFoundation financial support solutions are uniquely different. Our teams are ready to process, approve and disburse fund to you instantly or within 24hours, when or if necessary loan requirements have been received and accepted for the purpose of the product being applied for.
Depend on the loan package you apply for, you pay back your loan weekly installment or monthly due date. LMFoundation allow direct payment into the designated LMFoundation Receiving Bank Account. You can do repayment via bank transfer. Just ensure you pay back on or before due date in order to avoid unnecessary reminder.
It is our pleasure that you pay back your loan on or before due date and stay away from overdue repayment because it will affect your credit scores with us and it may affect you to re-apply for big loan or increase your loan in future. If your loan is overdue and you refused to yield to our support then 1.75% additional charges daily may take effect until the debt is repaid.
Better way to select right product is for you to go through LMFoundation products first, understand how things works, then, select the right one for yourself. It should be noted that our loan package is short-term range. Make sure you meet up with loan requirements first, before proceed to fill the application in order not to delay your loan approval and fund disbursement.

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