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Hassle free Small Business loan up to ₦1,000,000

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Explore Rate of interest: Up to 8% - 32%

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The loan rate you can apply for to suit your needs get started today Rate of interest: Up to 8% - 32%

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Nominal interest rates

Quick disbursal

Minimal documentation

Features of Small Enterprise Scheme loan

Small Enterprise Scheme Category

Micro/Small Entreprise Growth Assistance

This is an innovative package designed to assist and enhance growth of micro and small enterprises in Nigeria.


Capacity Monthly Assistance

CMA is a special capacity assistance designed for Individual for Individual Staff/ Workers in private and public enterprises in Nigeria.


Our Small Enterprise Scheme Business Loan Benefits

Small Enterprise Scheme features

Fast Business Cash

Get up to ₦5,000,000 instant loan at completion of basic requirements

Flexible Credit Line

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Secured Term Loan

You fit spread your payment over a year depending on your loan category

Merchant Funding Loan

Exclusive MEGA loans at your disposal to increase your companies productivity

Small Business owner

Apply for Capacity Monthly Assistance to finance and boast your business

Marriage Plan Loan

Getting married? Register on LMFoundation today and get a chance to make your charming.

About Small Enterprise Scheme Loan and How it does work

Loan rates wey go tear your mouth. No price am! It all yours

LMF-CMA package aims at meeting urgent needs of cash by salary earner before pay day. Both new and existing members can also apply for this capacity assistance but new members have to get registered under the Foundation before filling loan application starting with minimum of N10,000.00

Processing time is within 5hours on completion of necessary documentation.

Make sure you meet up with loan requirements first, before proceed to fill the application in order not to delay your loan approval and fund disbursement.

Frequently Asked Questions

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